Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anneke Doeven Sculpt, Reborned by Glo

Born June 7, 2008
Weight 3.8 ounces
Length 17 inches

Baby Katia is a sculpt by Anneke Doeven. I loved reborning this little preemie baby. Katia is 17 inches with bent feet and weighs 3.8 oz. She has a cloth body made by Auntie Roseann from "Roseann's Boutique". She has 3/4 limbs. Katia's head has to be supported like a newborn's head.
She is filled with glass pellets and polyfill, so she can travel everywhere in the world without any problems. She has soft and silky curly rooted baby blonde mohair, and rooted eyelashes as well. I get my mohair from "Waterloo Mohair" Katia's head is sealed, so you can wash, comb and set her hair.
She will come to mommy with everything you see in her layette. The red dress and head band, the romper, booties, the adorable preemie outfit was made by Maureen from "The-Eternal-Infant-Nursery" The outfit comes with a bib, bloomers, shirt and hat. She will also bring her non magnetic paci adapted by me and her diaper.

Thank you very much and happy adopting!
God Speed!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

OOAK Reborn Baby Sophia, Tina Kewey sculpt

 Baby Sofia by Tina Kewey, Reborned by Glo

May 29,2008
Weight 1.14 ounces
Height, 14 inches

Sophia is a beautiful preemie girl sculpted by Tina Kewey. It was a pleasure for me to reborn her. It was fun and she turned out so adorable that I would like to keep her, but I can't at this moment.

I rooted Sophia's hair with a soft and silky black mohair from "Waterloo Mohair" I made a non magnetic pacifier for her. She has a soft body and she can travel all around the world, since I filled her body with micro glass pellets and polyfill. Sophia has 3/4 limbs. She is so cuddly, soft and easy to pose, that you won't want to put her down.

She was painted with Genesis and every detail was taken in consideration. She's got subtle veining, moist mouth, nose and eyes. Every fold was painted, even the tip of her nails.

She will be arriving with her white and pink sleeper and hat made by Auntie Roseann from Roseann's Boutiqueand her lovely outfit consisting of the t-shirt, bib, gown and hat made by Elliot's Preemie Tees, her blankie, her paci made by Glo and her COA.

She is a gorgeous baby girl that will make her real mommy very happy! If you are interested on this baby, please contact me at
Thank you and happy adoption!
God Speed!