Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophia 18" Polymer Clay Sculpt by Glo


Born November 25, 2008
Length 18 inches, weight 5.6 lbs

Sophia is a beautiful baby girl sculpted by Glo. She has 3/4 arms and full legs. I put a clear cap wig this time. She is filled with glass beads and polyfill, so she can travel anywhere in the world.
I painted her with Geneses Heat set paints. She is so detailed that she looks like a real baby. If you are interested in a OOAK Baby, let me know at glo@babiesbyglo.com I have a layaway and 3 months payment plan. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Joy 8" OOAK Polymer Clay Baby Girl Sculpted by Glo

Baby Girl Joy
November 16, 2008

Length 8 inches
Weight 10 ounces

I am so happy to present Joy. An adorable baby girl peacefully sleeping.
I used Super Sculpey polymer clay, poly pellets, poly fill and Genesis paints. I painted her hair and I love the way it turned out. It looks so babyish!
Joy is a OOAK, One of a kind, because he was created without any molds. She's a soft body baby and she's wearing a body made by Auntie Roseann from Roseann's Boutique.
She will come to mommy with her beautiful outfit, hat and bow, made by Vicky Lynn, her COA, Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed by me. Joy is signed and dated on the back of her neck as well.

OOAK 9" Baby Boy Billy, by Glo

Baby Boy Billy
November 15, 2008

Length 9 inches
Weight 12 ounces

I proudly present "Billy" a beautifulbaby boy peacefully sleepping.

I used Super Sculpey polymer clay, poly pellets, poly fill and Genesis paints. Billy is bald.

Billy is a OOAK, One of a kind, because he was created
without any molds. 

He's wearing a body made by Auntie Roseann from Roseann's Boutique.

He will come to mommy with her COA, Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed by me and his outfit. Billy is signed and dated on the back of his neck.

OOAK BabaBoon Mona

Mona BabaBoon
November 16, 2008

Length 9 inches
Weight 12 ounces

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shawna Marie Reborned by Glo

Shawna Marie
Born August 9, 2008
Height 20 inches long
Weight 5.10.5 pounds

Sawna Marie was created from the newly released “Allyssa” sculpt by Claire Taylor. Allyssa is my favorite kit so far. From a Claire Taylor's blank canvas, I have transformed Allyssa in an adorable 1 month old baby that has become a One of a Kind Keepsake baby to love and pass on down to your children and their children and so on, from generation to generation.

Shawna Marie is exquisite in her detailing. She has her own adorable personnality! She is detailed from the top of her head to the bottom of her baby feet. Being a Sculptress herself, Claire Taylor made sure that the reborning process would not only be easy but enjoyable and it was. Specially rooting her head.

Sawna Marie has full legs and 3/4 arms. Her limbs have been realistically weighted with quality glass sand. Her custom flesh color doe suede body is jointed for easy posing and then weighted with glass sand and the softest poly-fil around. The body was made by Auntie Roseann, from Roseann's Boutique.

It will be very hard for me to part with her. She's really a joy to have. I can't put her down. Baby Shawna Marie has been painted with multiple layers of Genesis paints. Her color looks very realistic because I painted layer after layer drying in between. You can see the subtle veining and the mottled baby look. This paint will not fade with time. Baby's arms and legs look so soft and warm. You'll want to kiss those chubby little cheeks!

I have micro rooted her hair one or two hairs at a time. Not more. It took me a long time, but the results are astounding! I rooted her eyelashes one by one and painted her delicate eyebrows. Her eyes are of a hazel color. Her mouth is barely open and it looks moist. She is simply a unique baby!

Shawna Marie's fingers have been carefully painted on the nail bed as well as the tip of the nail. Sealed for their protection, but with a matte varnish.

Shawna's layette consists of the pink and green outfit, shoes and her pink sleeper, all courtesy of her Auntie Jennifer. Her lavender onesie and bonnet were made by Auntie Roseann. The socks, pink hat, t-shirt, diaper, non magnetic pacifier and her litthe hair berret were courtesy of Glo. She will come to mommy with a COA from Claire Taylor and the reborning logo of "BBG" on her cloth body.

If you are interested in this baby, contact me at glo@babiesbyglo.com

Friday, August 8, 2008

Allyssa Sculpted by Claire Taylor, reborned by Glo

Hi, I hope this finds you well and happy.

I am really excited that I finished reborning Claire Taylor's Allyssa. Isn't she a punkin'? She looks like she's doing the "Pat a cake" doesn't she? 

Well, what do you think? Honest opinions please and could you please suggest a name for her?

BTW, she'll be finding for a new mommy tomorrow. If you are interested in Adopting this baby before she goes anywhere, contact me at: glo@babiesbyglo.com 

We can arrange payments if you can't pay it all at once :)

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Olivia Sculpted by Claire Taylor Now Oliver Reborned by Glo

Born August 3, 2008
Height 20 Inches
Weight 4 pounds 6 ounces
Sculpted by Claire Taylor

Reborned by Glo
Baby Oliver is an adorable baby. He looks very real. He has been painted with GHSP and his lips look moistened.
Oliver has a body created by Auntie Roseann from Roseann's Boutique and he has glass pellets and polyfill inside, so he can travel anywhere in the Galaxy and Universe.
Oliver's hair is dark brown and I rooted it by hand, and sealed his head inside so you can wash, style and comb his hair. You can make him a straight style or some curls on top.
He is so calm, sleeps almost all the time and you will fall in love with him. You will not want to put him down. He will be your baby forever.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

He has a beautiful layette and his body was made by Auntie Roseann from "Roseann's Boutique"

Thank you very much and happy adopting!
God Bless America!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anneke Doeven Sculpt, Reborned by Glo

Born June 7, 2008
Weight 3.8 ounces
Length 17 inches

Baby Katia is a sculpt by Anneke Doeven. I loved reborning this little preemie baby. Katia is 17 inches with bent feet and weighs 3.8 oz. She has a cloth body made by Auntie Roseann from "Roseann's Boutique". She has 3/4 limbs. Katia's head has to be supported like a newborn's head.
She is filled with glass pellets and polyfill, so she can travel everywhere in the world without any problems. She has soft and silky curly rooted baby blonde mohair, and rooted eyelashes as well. I get my mohair from "Waterloo Mohair" Katia's head is sealed, so you can wash, comb and set her hair.
She will come to mommy with everything you see in her layette. The red dress and head band, the romper, booties, the adorable preemie outfit was made by Maureen from "The-Eternal-Infant-Nursery" The outfit comes with a bib, bloomers, shirt and hat. She will also bring her non magnetic paci adapted by me and her diaper.

Thank you very much and happy adopting!
God Speed!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

OOAK Reborn Baby Sophia, Tina Kewey sculpt

 Baby Sofia by Tina Kewey, Reborned by Glo

May 29,2008
Weight 1.14 ounces
Height, 14 inches

Sophia is a beautiful preemie girl sculpted by Tina Kewey. It was a pleasure for me to reborn her. It was fun and she turned out so adorable that I would like to keep her, but I can't at this moment.

I rooted Sophia's hair with a soft and silky black mohair from "Waterloo Mohair" I made a non magnetic pacifier for her. She has a soft body and she can travel all around the world, since I filled her body with micro glass pellets and polyfill. Sophia has 3/4 limbs. She is so cuddly, soft and easy to pose, that you won't want to put her down.

She was painted with Genesis and every detail was taken in consideration. She's got subtle veining, moist mouth, nose and eyes. Every fold was painted, even the tip of her nails.

She will be arriving with her white and pink sleeper and hat made by Auntie Roseann from Roseann's Boutiqueand her lovely outfit consisting of the t-shirt, bib, gown and hat made by Elliot's Preemie Tees, her blankie, her paci made by Glo and her COA.

She is a gorgeous baby girl that will make her real mommy very happy! If you are interested on this baby, please contact me at
Thank you and happy adoption!
God Speed!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OOAK Polymer Clay Baby Travis 12" Soft Body

Babies by Glo

I present you with "Travis" This little one can be a boy or a girl, as you wish. Travis was born on May 5, 2008, he's 12" and weighs around 1 pound.
Travis was made with a great imagination and God's help. Travis has 3/4 limbs and a mohair wig. I left the hair a little long so that mom can cut it or style it. Travis is filled with glass pellets and polyfill, so he can travel anywhere in the world.
Travis will come home to mommy with his t-shirt and diaper, his booties, outfit and hat and a butterfly paci I made specially for him. It is not magnetic.
Travis' will be calculated on distance and weight for the 50 US States.
International will be calculated on distance and weight as well. If you are interested on adopting this baby, please contact me at glo@babiesbyglo.com

Thank you very much and happy adopting!
God Speed!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vida Bailey

OOAK Baby Polymer Clay Soft Sculpt 16"

Vida Bailey
Born on May 14, 2008
2.4 ounces and 15 1/2 inches

Vida Bailey is a little girl who was born on May 14, 2008. She was created using Super Sculpey polymer clay, with God's inspiration and my hands. He is already adopted.
Vida Bailey is a OOAK partial sculpture with dirty blonde hair made with baked in soft and silky mohair. She has a soft body stuffed with micro glass beads and polyfill; therefore, she can travel anywhere in the world. Vida was painted with Genesis heat set dry paints.
Bailey will arrive home with her onesie, hat and booties, sleeper, diaper and blankie and a non magnetic pacifier that I made specially for her. She will also have a COA, Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the sculptress, Glo. She is also dated and signed on the back of her neck.
Vida Baileys's body, his onesie, hat and booties were created by my talented friend Roseann, from Roseann's Boutique.
If you are interested in adopting one of my babies please contact me at: glo@babiesbyglo.com

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mixing Colors

Color Mixing
Color mixing for me has always been like a recipe: If you mix yellow and blue, you get green. In part, that's what it is, but it gets a little bit complicated at times and then advantageous at others, because you can create your very own OOAK colors!
I'll start with the "Primary Colors" that are basically where all the other colors come from. The three primary colors are: Red, Blue, and Yellow. In theory, we can create any other color, plus black and white, from the three primary colors, but these,can never be created from any toher color
The secondary colors are: Orange, Green, and Purple. These are created by mixing any two primary colors together; For instance: Yellow and blue makes green, red and yellow make orange and red and blue make purple. Now, depending on the mix you make, you'll get either a truer color or not, because these colors cannot always be mixed 1 to 1.
Tertiary Colors are created by mixing the secondary colors together. Results are often browns, rusts, and muds.
Tints result when any hue is mixed with white. The more white added, the lighter the hue becomes.
Tones result when any hue is mixed with gray. Mixing gray into a hue results in a more muted color than the original hue.
Shades result when any hue is mixed with black. Even tiny amounts of black added to most hues result in a deeper, darker hue than the original. Add more than a pinch, and you won’t be able to tell your new “color” from black!
Color Palettes are comprised of a selection of red, blue, and yellow hues from which you mix secondary, tertiary, tint, tone and shade hues from. For example, you can use “pure” red, blue and yellow, or fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow, or even florescent pink, florescent blue and florescent yellow as your primaries. The choice is yours. All of the colors mixed from the three primaries you choose will be unique from those mixed from a different starting color palette.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moonies in Polymer Clay

“Moonies” in Polymer Clay sculptures

What is a “Moonie”? A moonie is a bubble of air that gets trapped in the polymer clay and when you bake your piece, it will show as a whitish spot in the form of a half moon or a bump in a lighter color. That’s why they’re called “moonies”
The moonies are attributed to different factors:

Preparing and handling the clay
Sculpting with an armature
Sculpting without an armature
Smoothing the clay

Preparing and handling the clay:
When get your clay it comes in a 1 pound brick, so you should cut it in small pieces and pass it through the pasta machine. When you’re done, you’ll have thin layers of clay that you will use to make your sculpture.

I used to pass and pass the clay through the pasta machine. When you are using only one kind of clay, there’s no need to do this. The more you handle the clay, the more air bubbles will get trapped in and more moonies you’ll get.

The best way to prepare your clay is to make thin slices, then pass it through the pasta machine once or twice. Let it rest on waxed paper and then use it whenever you need it.

Sculpting with an armature:
When you sculpt with an armature, make sure you press the clay into the armature, as hard as you can. If you see an air pocket or a gap between the armature and the clay, either punch it, open it or press the clay in.

When you are applying the subsequent layers of clay, just make sure that you don’t leave any spot without pressing firmly.

Sculpting without an armature:

When you sculpt without an armature, I would advise you to use a larger piece of clay and if possible, don’t pass it through the pasta machine. Just make a ball, pressing the clay as hard as you can between your hands. Then shape it into anything you want. If you see a small pocket of air when you’re sculpting your piece, pierce it immediately and fill the hole or gap with clay until the air bubble is gone.

Smoothing the clay correctly is a very important step so that your piece can be free of moonies. I used to smooth back and forth, pushing the clay up and down and side by side. By doing this I was disturbing the clay that was already set, from one place to another and creating air pockets or bubbles.

Smooth in one direction with small pats instead of dragging your fingers. If you must drag, then do it softly and again, in one direction. Use smoothing oil so that it is not that hard to slide your fingers.

This has been a subject of disagreement among the sculptor’s community. The clay comes with instructions and most of them say to bake 1/4 of clay at an oven temperature of 265 degrees fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes.
So, if you have 1” of clay (that’s 4 layers of 1/4 each) you would have to cook from 1:30 to 2:00 hours, and so on. Right? Wrong!

I started using this math to bake my pieces and to my disappointment my sculptures came out burnt and full of moonies. I called the three leading polymer clay manufacturers to ask their engineers about this issue and honestly they didn’t know what to answer. One of them said “just to use 1/4 of clay at a time” Other one said: This is not possible. The clay would not be properly cured for sure and the sculpture would break” But what if you are creating a miniature sculpture of 6” long?

It was obvious that the temperature was too high, heating the air bubble faster than the clay, hence forcing the bubble to expand. It made a lot of sense to me, because I was sure that the air would heat faster than the clay... So what If I baked at a lower temperature for a longer time? I analyzed that by increasing the curing time, the time would make up for the high temperature, so my piece would not only be completely cured, but it would be free of moonies too, and to my amazement, it was!

How did I came up with this? Well, we never cook a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey the same time do we? We have to take in consideration the bird’s weight and then we say we’ll cook it at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 1 hour per every 3 pounds so if our turkey weighs 22 pounds, we’ll cook it for 7 hours approximately.

So based on this thought, I baked 1” layer of clay at a temperature of 200 degrees during 3 hours and it worked! My baked piece was free of moonies, completely cured and hard. Then I made an experiment with a 2” layer of clay baking at 200 degrees during 5 hours and it came out perfect.

Now these calculations are not mathematical neither exact, much less the only ones. This is what has worked for me. So I shared my experience at one or two polymer clay forums and it was a debate. Some agreed with me and have been already doing it and others didn’t agree and swore our pieces were going to break. So far the sculptures are in one piece and I have never burnt another sculpture.

Monday, March 24, 2008


OAK Polymer Clay Baby Boy Brian 6" Soft body by Glo
This is a OOAK 8" Polymer Clay Baby with a soft body.
He is made of Puppen Fimo Polymer Clay. He has full arms and legs.
He comes with his non magnetic pacifier, outfit, hat and booties and
a COA dated and signed by me, Glo.

If you are interested in getting a baby, please contact me at: glo@babiesbyglo.com
I have payment plans for everyone.

Thanks for looking and God Speed!


OOAK Polymer Clay Baby Jordan 20" by Glo

Baby Jordan was born in January 29, 2008.
He is made out of Prosculpt polymer clay without any molds. Just my imagination and God's guidance.
Jordan is a partial sculpt with 3/4 arms and full legs.
His hair is dark ash blonde and it is baked in. I used kid mohair, so it's very soft to the touch.

His head must be supported like a newborn baby. He's got eyelashes and a non magnetic pacifier.
His cloth body was made by my dear friend Roseann from Roseann's Boutique.
He is an adorable baby who already found a Mommy to love and belong to.
If you are interested in adopting one of my babies or having a custom made one, you can contact me at mailto:"glo@babiesbyglo.com"